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Awesome looking Cognac Bottles

01/11/2013 18:35
These bottles are fucking insane, i wana get my hands on the shit thats inside. Starting with the Remy Martin Black pearl. This is what dreams are made of. Camus Cuvee. Four words, Jizz in my pants Bisquit Prestige simple and elegant, now give the liquid gold inside. This South African Brandy...

Summer Tastings

04/10/2013 13:05
Summer is here my good people, and Master Yack has got some great things instore for you follow me as i find the best rooftop bars for you to enjoy our beloved tipple, but as for now let me show you our setting and home base for the festive summer season, located in Greenpoint I bring you the Sky...

Late Harvest

30/09/2013 20:35
It appears that the 2013 harvest is going to be exceptionately late this year, in fact, we have to virtually look back to the 1980s to find such similar late crops. According to the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionel Cognac ), the tentative start date has been released as...

Celebrities and Cognac

12/08/2013 12:19
The relationship between cognac and music and lifestyle are synonymous from 2pac and hennesy to Busta Rhymes and "pass the Courvoisier" cognac has always been there here is a series of pics that i and my cognacchronicles team came up with pairing our own celebrities with cognacs.  


12/08/2013 11:20
This past weekend i found myself out ekasi(township) aswell as Cubana Greenpoint, there isnt a very big difference between the characters that frequent Cubana and other kasi establishments, everybody is about having an absolute bender and flawssing(to show off) at the same time and what is the...

KWV 15 Yr old Takes top spot at ISC Awards in London

18/07/2013 14:06
Last night saw the KWV 15 year old take top honours at the International Spirits Challenge in London, as the world best brandy this is one of the greatest honours a brand can hope for this goes further into stamping South African brandies as the best in the world. KWV bein one of the biggest brandy...

Les Part des Anges Cognac Auction 2013 set to make New Records

17/07/2013 12:49
The 19th September 2013 sees the 8th ever Part des Anges Cognac auction taking place in Chateau Brillac, Foussignac, with this year expected to break all records from previous years. The auction, run by the BNIC and featuring cognacs donated by various cognac houses, features some outstanding...

Worlds Largest cognac collecttion 300 00 euros

10/07/2013 15:56
Making that extra special Cognac purchase isn’t something that should be rushed, in our humble opinion.  After all, there’s so many variables to consider; the age, the blend, the growing region(s), not to mention should you stick with your tried and tested favourite  Brand or perhaps...

Nas visits france

10/07/2013 15:50
Nas, the front man for the ‘Welcome to Hennessy campaign that’s been running for a few months, has released a video showing the highlights of his recent visit to France. Hennessy are certainly placing a lot of time and effort to bring their brand to an ever younger and more trendy audience, and...

Getting Naked!

10/07/2013 15:11
Ima go naked with this statement, brandy and cognac are simply the best spirits known to man period.! I really could not give flying fuck or a continental shit as to how or why you would dispute that! We all have our vices! And brandy and cognac are my vices! They keep me sane my penultimate love...

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