12/08/2013 11:20

This past weekend i found myself out ekasi(township) aswell as Cubana Greenpoint, there isnt a very big difference between the characters that frequent Cubana and other kasi establishments, everybody is about having an absolute bender and flawssing(to show off) at the same time and what is the ultimate goal at the end of the night? For the brothers to win the flyest honey or mabhabha there or for the mabhabhas to betha(go home with) it with the biggest bauws(guy who seemed to have spent the most money), sometimes his the guy who probably still lives in a backyard room or with his parents but drives a car worth more than some of our bonds. *priotitize?never that*.

Lets get into it saturday started slow, NY6 chilling in gugs nothing of particualr interest really happened there, then we shifted to Cash's Place(not to be mistaken with Johnny Cash). We finally got a place to sit with our drinks, but what stood out the most was the high calibre of alcohol being consumed and how it was being consumed, trust me some of the bottles on those tables you would not even find in the bars of Camps Bay, im talking alota cognac and abit of brandy, but dammit some of those cognac drinkers can be forward even though they pronounce cognac(pronounced, \ˈkōn-ˌyak) phonetically C-O-G-N-A-C. You see them holding their glasses(tall tumbler *shoot me dead*) and bottles up high for the world to see(im sure God himself got a good whif of what you drinking) while they pour, honestly bruv what is that? did you get that bottle of Remy to Flaws or enjoy EISH some these cognac drinkers, then came the whiskey drinker prancing around with their single malts doing the same shit as the cognac drinkers with one difference they walk around holding the boxes of their bottles.  Then came the brandy drinkers cool calm and collected enjoying their shit like grown folk should, but i think thats cause the they think brandy is less superior well guess what? You on the same level now stand the fuck up and be seen!!! Im sure by this scenario I've painted you see the ladies flocked around the cognac brothers because as any right mind would have it if you drinking a thousand rand bottle of cognac your pockets go deep.

The ladies at this point have taken note and are at the top of their game stroking your ego, while you go deeper into your pockets buying them drinks obviously with the hope of taking one home, I even heard one guy shouting at a prospect who rebuffed his advances saying "yimali yamanapkin nebisi le uyityileyo ba awuzohamba nam bughabe obabutywala ndizobujikisa ndifumane imali yam. I mean this guy was livid, loosley translated this guy was saying he spent money meant for his baby's diapers and  milk formula  on her drinks so if shes not gona go home with him she must vomit the alcohol out so he can return it and get his money back. I mean how can?He lost his mid there for abit because he was thinking with his dick for the longest time and im sure it was his dick still speaking. Now moving to Cubana Greenpoint or better known to locals as Mam'Ruby's(mam ruby charachter on generations shebeen) i think is mainly because at some points during an evening it can be likened to a shebeen, Now kwa Mam'Ruby ziyabila(its sweating) its a jump off this is when the big boys bring out the big guns  to kill the enemy and eliminate all competition by buying expensive booze for themselves and their women, and so the Cash cycle continues theres no difference whether you in the hood or the burbs. But my request is this atleast learn to enjoy the booze you drinking.

Thats my tipple for you and dont spend baby mama money!

Master Yack