04/07/2013 10:06

So this past weekend saw the Yack Master heading to Gugulethu for a family mgcimbi(traditional gathering), as it is with imigcimbi the alcohhol flowed and we had moemishes(idiots or idiotic behaviour), i remember one guy arrived sober as a judge but a shot of vodka and 3 shots pf brandy and two glasses of beer down the line he was absolutely nake(drunk), he got up tried to find his balalance or rather a alck thereof and fell to his detrement face first, i trust he most likely was nursing more than a hangover when he woke up the next day.

This gathering was done in honour of long time family tradition my grandmother used to have one every year and my uncle took it on himself to continue tradition, as abuild up to the festivities traditional sorghum beer is brewed(a favourite of mine after brandy and cognac) and on the day as I've said in previous blogs brandy is some what of a stalwart amongst the men as a certain custom is followed for its consumption, uthunga(to thread) basically this is the fair distribution of liquour god be with you if you decide to pour yourself a shot, my banishing of you to the land of box wine is far less a punishment, lets just deep in your pockets will you go to rectify such a mistake.

The bottle of brandy allocated for fair distribution being accompanied by beer.

These gatherings are a very entertaining as you find yourself immersed in a completely different crowd or amongst new family members you havent had the joy of meeting, be sure you get introduced or you might find yourself hitting on a cousin you did'nt know as it goes with african families its important that you know a persons clan name before you date other wise your fucked!

Let the Yack be with you.

Master Yack