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29/05/2013 13:46

Now this being a blog about brandy and cognac i can't take sides per se, but special mention must go out to the standard and quality of South african brandies and the success it has shown.Lets let my mind digress for a second, consider the stuffiness that fine brandy was once associated with. Which was your typical afrikaans academic hailing from grape vine laiden stellenbosch surrounded by Andre Brink novels who cringes at just the mere thought of of enjoying his brandy with anything else other than just...brandy. On the complete flipside you have your boerboy jocks chasing meisies around the local pub, and bench pressing those same meisies in his maties or pukke rugby jersey who can't think of drinking his brandy with anything other than coke and in a jug.

Then you had another side(note this is not your regular coin it has more than two sides lets call it the brandy dice coin of yester year.) back to this third side of the coin, your coloured mense, staunch supporters of  the all blacks. Far from patriotic but try take away his berties(bertrams vo) and you'll meet a south african vampire quicker than you can say JOU MASE P... you can finish the rest. They prefered to skink their brandy take it down quick(watch his face scrunch together exposing teeth more expensive than lil wayne's or rather a lack thereof), or they would create the ultimate get you fucked up concotion called "sponge" a 'toxic' punch made of brandy and black label beer.

Then we had our black folk or african folk depending on how politically correct you want to get in an unPC society. Now here brandy is somewhat a formal stalwart, many times forming the basis of many a formal gathering whether it be emgcimbini(formal gathering) where the men gather and proceed to share or rather the fair distribution( by a single individual who has been nominated) of a couple of bottles of viceroy amongst many, and has been at catalyst of many arguments of whose the oldest. Then you have the young man whose been plying his trade under the big city lights and goes home to emakhaya(rural villages) every festive seasonafter telling his boss he needs two months leave for amasiko(confuse iEnemy) and ofcourse he cannot go home empty handed and so he proceeds to purchase a number of bottles of brandy, otherwise the elders will not allow him to return to the city as they do not reap the fruits of his labour.

Now back to the success of brandies. Not only are South African brandies picking up awards left right and centre locally but also internationally. Whether it be collecting  a veritas award the greatest recognition of your lifes work as a master distiler coz its right here moKasi, edladleni, Mzantsi, home soil. Aswell as picking up international wine and spirit awards. Its not only award that determine the success of brandy but also whose taken up drinking the spirit the new consumer. These days you'll find brandy being offered in your urban chic enviroments from Jozi's Melrose Arch to to Cape Towns famous Camps Bay strip not only is it being offered but being enjoyed in an array of great cocktails. Also on the rise is the amount of(i fall into hellen zille entrapment here) black proffesionals who are making the switch to brandy. Brandy is now bwing seein as a mark of achievement, youve worked hard, now enjoy your sovereign or your rene single cask. Brandy is now being seen on the streets of Soweto to Gugulethu being enjoyed tall by amajita, amagenge amongst your gusheshes and mercs and beemers and range rovers parked out tshisa nyamas.From chaf pozi to Sakhumza to Mzolis to groova park to Le mans to kwa Max, or being enjoyed in Sandton penthouses or Cape Town beach front holiday homes. Theres no denying brandy is growing  but now the task at hand is sustaining and educating the consumer. So on that note here a tipple now sip and enjoy.

Master Yack

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