Getting Naked!

10/07/2013 15:11

Ima go naked with this statement, brandy and cognac are simply the best spirits known to man period.! I really could not give flying fuck or a continental shit as to how or why you would dispute that! We all have our vices! And brandy and cognac are my vices! They keep me sane my penultimate love affair. Think about this, brandy and cognac are a neutral space for everyone to play in, whiskey you stuffy and pretentious, vodka or tequilla you too young and carefree and are about having fun. But with brandy and cognac you are right there, without fear you can grab your henny(hennessy) and look bauws(slang for looking good above the rest) and in touch with your youth, or you can get your Martell or Remy and look youthful enough to be in the club but yet mature and sophisticated enough to be at a gala dinner as a 007 international spy. Brandy and Cognac are the future, from the notes to the flavours to the finish everything compliments. for that reason it is the ultimate spirit! Fuck what you heard! Let the Yack be with you

*throws down snifter*

Master Yack