Late Harvest

30/09/2013 20:35

It appears that the 2013 harvest is going to be exceptionately late this year, in fact, we have to virtually look back to the 1980s to find such similar late crops.

According to the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessionel Cognac ), the tentative start date has been released as October 07.  And apart from 1991, after widespread springtime frosts, such a late date has not happened for over 30 years.

Foussignac, Guy Pinard (Archive)

Foussignac, Guy Pinard (Archive) 

The grapes are now maturing well, and the predicted average yield is 100 – 110 hectolitres per hectare.  However, the average weight of the grapes is below what would usually be expected.  This is due to the terrible weather and rain that blighted the region during the spring.  This has caused the grapes to be smaller than usual.  There has also been a problem with various diseases to the vines throughout the year, as well moths attacking the vines and causing damage.

Cognac Harvest Bouteville

Cognac Harvest Bouteville (Archive)

Still, as we know, the reason each years supply of eaux-de-vie has its individual taste is due to the fickleness of Mother Nature, and we’re sure that the 2013 harvest will give us its own unique mark on our favourite tipple…