Pure Gold

05/06/2013 14:06

Van Ryns Au.Ra

What can be said about perfection, here we are looking at unrivaled pedigree this is your Pocket Power to the J&B met, your Enzo to your Ferrari, your pakistan(a woman with a well-endowed booty) to the hood. This is uncomparible in a class of its own.

 The Van Ryns AU.RA a 30yr old potstill dedicated to perfection only 107 decanters will be produced to signify the 107years of Van Ryns existence true mastery from the handcrafted decanter, the handcrafted pendant and the hand crafted case it comes in the AU.RA oozes perfection a truelly personal gem. As one would have something of this exclusivity can be quite elusive for thopse of us in the tasting and reviewing world, hell like jay z has Beyonce he is not about share her or have open relationships you keep that shit to your self, which is exactly what Van Ryns have done her with an application to purchase yes you heard me right you have to apply to buy this bottle. Those who have been fortunate enough to have tasted and experienced the Au.Ra have this to say

"Tasting this unique 30-year-old brandy is a very personal experience. The first impression is of its beautiful golden amber color. AU.RA is intensely aromatic, which is one of its most delightful characteristics. And the aromas are as diverse as they are intense. The most common being orange blossom, vanilla, milk chocolate, pickled ginger, dried sweet figs and roasted hazelnuts. After a first nose, this full-bodied brandy opens up to a palate of soft lingering flavours of nuts, coffee and sherry. The final impression of AU.RA ends in a creamy, balanced finish that leaves one with a pleasant reminder of all that has gone before."

Everything about this brandy is so so personal.

The Hand blowing of the crystal glass decanters by renowned glass artist David Reade

Aswell as the hand made and designed Silver plated Teardrop Neckpieces by jewlery desogner Bridgette Zietkewicz

Till the Hand Crafted outercases by furniture designer Jame Mudge

South Africas oldest brandy a must have collectors item for the lucky few who will afforded the opportunity to own one of these "sick wit it" botlles.