Small talk mgosi

07/06/2013 12:56

jabba jabba jabba small talk mgosi..the line my brother uses when reffering to small talk, you thinking how random but lend me your ears or eyes. like for real though think bout when you meet a betty or girl or lady whatever tickles your tongue or guy, or chap okanye ingqawa(dude in local eastern cape speak), yo mate no hating on your game but that idle small talk will get you no where exept the friend zone and trust me my friend no matter how dope or fresh your strat may be once you in that god forsaken friend zone there no climbing out, you know that story about the two mice falling into a bucket of milk the one gave up and died the other one struggled on and churned the milk to butter and climbed out, well guess what you not a mouse and you stuck in that friendzone, theres a time and place for small talk mgosi and hitting up the betties is not one of those places or times. On the other hand is not irritating when laoutie(guy) you grew up with hasnt seen you in years and you have nothing in common you meet him lets just say at a party starts chatting to you, I mean mfethu i dont wana here about the time you beat me in a bike race or that chick sasi dlala naye ipoppiehuis(the girl we used to play house house with) is your chick if anything i still think that betty is hot because i got her facebook and i would still love bust that nut, and considering i have no loyalties to you i might just do that. I just pointed out two facets of small talk mgosi you will be friend zoned chick or guy we all friend zone nyukkahs and betties, or uqala umntu ezihlelele(wkaing up a sleeping dog).

And on that note get brandy in your hand and hope your bbm goes, and xighubu with your friends.

Thats my tipple for the day as bitter sweet as it my be for you small talk mgosi fiends. let the yack be with you.

Master Yack