Summer Tastings

04/10/2013 13:05

Summer is here my good people, and Master Yack has got some great things instore for you follow me as i find the best rooftop bars for you to enjoy our beloved tipple, but as for now let me show you our setting and home base for the festive summer season, located in Greenpoint I bring you the Sky Bar with panoramic views of the city and the waterfront this is where we will be hosting our tastings for this summer so if youd like to book a spot hit up Master Yack.

This where we will be soaking up the sun and sipping on, cognac and brandy inspired cocktails, courtesy of cognacchronicles Master Yack and head mixologist, Cocktail Guru

Let us bask in the sun enjoying our tipple.

let the Yack be with you!!

Master Yack