your eau de vie

11/06/2013 17:02

So just the other day I was chillin kickinit at home you know? Master Yack taking some time to himself, no reviews no tasting just blomile nje(just just chilling) enjoying his favourite brandy Oude Meester Demant an 8yr old potstill created in honour of their diamond jubilee, and I was listening to the dj Sbu show on metro fm. he was interviewing Tony Gaskin a motivational man by a mile, something sprung to mind and that was the aspirations of us as individuals, bafethu dont get me wrong im all for good times chilling with the boys and girls sitting back enjoying you favourite brandy or cognac tall with the braai or tshisa nyama going but do we ever think of what we would like to achieve, the same way the master distiller thinks of his/her next special blend or eau de vie(water of life or what you and i would call a damn good brandy), this is short but sweet all im saying is think well and hard about achieving your dreams and aspirations, while at the same time considering the obstacles you may face like the distiller faces bad grapes or even bad casks, at the end of it all your main objective is achieving your end goal or your eau de vie, never lose sight. So i ask you wats your diamond jubilee?

Let the Yack be with you!

Master Yack