Brandy-Cognac appreciation

Brandy-Cognac appreciation

Now that youve read up on how brandy is made lets get into enjoying our chosen spirit or beverage. These are just a couple of small tips on how to sip on a tipple. It wont be as onesided as a Bulls vs Leopards rugby match or a rat being thrown into a snake tank. There are various ways to enjoy brandy vs cognac.

1. Neat or mixed- first things first you cant just say "YA" i want a brandy or cognac and just sommer gooi some coke or soda in a gaad dzaym XO cognac or 15yr old reserve brandy, I Master Yack as the self appointed guardian angel for the preservation of brandy would pop up and whoop your ass and banish you to the land of box wine. What you need to know is palates vary so what works for you might not work for me, but you have to consider the age of the spirit when deciding to go neat or mixed. For your cognacs consider if its a VS(very special) or VSOP(very special old pale) or a XO(extra old), with brandy there are  years, brands vary as to how the label them read the back of the bottle theres always a brief history on the bottle in your hand, these years range from 3yrs, 5yrs, 8yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs, 20yrs. The younger it is the more suitable it is for mixing, once you get to Ten yrs old and above stop F*#king mixing you rolling with the big boys now, the most you can add is a block of ice or drop of water anything more you borderline immoral.

  2. Choose your glass- And so so carefully you cant exactly enjoy a 20yr Old Reserve in a tumbler now can you that would be downright disrespectful.

You have three types of glasses, your tulip glass mainly used for traditional cognac tasting, the you have the baloon snifter which can be used and is perfect for both brandy and cognac, then you have the wobble snifter this came with the design boys equally as effective for tastingf and appreciating a fine spirit.

3. your enviroment- Who wants to be sipping some beautiful fire water in some backstreet. So choose a great enviroment how about getting the boys around your newly aquired bottle and sit back and take in the atmosphere enjoy a good laugh while enjoying a damn fine glass of an XO or a tall drink of your favourite VS with ginger ale and a slice of lemon. Utimately create or be in an enviroment that will enhance your brandy vs cognac experience.

4. Temprature- This is mainly for those who are drinking their brandy or cognac neat. What needs to happen here is, once youve poured you chosen cognac or brandy into a balloon snifter or tulip glass or wobble snifter, let it sit for at least ten mins just to let it breathe and release the aromas. When tasting take note of the

Nose- these are the aromas being released. start from atleast 5cm from your nose and draw closer take special attention of these notes,

FRUITS- cherry, apricot, peach, plum, fig, quince and citrus

FLOWERS- violet,lime,lavender

SPICY- cloves,ginger, vanilla

NUT- peanuts, almonds, walnuts

WOOD- oak, pine, cedar

SOMETIMES- cigar box aromas and roasted coffee

Taste- These are the flavours you experince. Also look out for these flavours,

a good brandy should have a sweetness to it, look out for fruity flavours such as peach, apricots, and dried fruits, aswell as a certain nutiness, and sometimes smokey which the wood of the cask as contributed to .


Age breakdown.


VS- Very special, aged for minimum of two and a half years in a cask.

VSOP- Very special old pale, aged for aminimum of four years in a cask.

XO- Extra Old, the youngest brandy has to be aged for a minimum of 6years but generally contain brandies of 20yrs old and upwards. As of the year 2016 the minimum age will be ten yrs old.