How its made

How its made

1. THE GRAPE- After the grapes are picked, they are then crushed and destalked. After which a seperater recievs the grape pulp and releases the free run juiuces without pressing.

2. BRANDY BASE WINE- The free run jucie is cooled and allowed to settle. Very little SO2( a prservative commonly used in winemaking) is added. Added yeast facilitates fermentation into wine.

3. Potstill distillation is made up of two stages and is a batch process. The first stage, lasts 6-8 hours, involves the didtillation of wine to low wine through the removal of the suspended solids and a large portion of water present in the wine,

4. During the second stage of distillationthe low wine is further distilled and three parts are drawn. These parts being the head, the heart and the tail. The head and the tail are discarded while the heart is retained. The heart is the soul of the brandy with all the fruity and herbaceous flavours that form the base of the chracter of the brandy.

5. With the stringent South African laws, the heart of the brandy has to be matured in wood for atleast three years. During maturation the clear spirit develops its golden amber colour. Many flavour compounds are extracted from the wood. These give complexity of taste, a sweet and spicy character that comes in vanilla, cedarwood, nuttiness, toast, cloves or cigar box aromas. After three years the master distiller evaluates wether the brandy is suitable for consumption.

6.The matured potstill distillate is classified based on fullness, balance, softness, and flavour to facillitate the blending process. This criteria determine wht type of brandy the matured distillate will be used for. The blending panel define the desired style and taste each component to create the final product from each building block. Finally, demineralised water is added in order to dilute the alcohol strength form 70% alc. by vol. down to the bottle strength of 38%alc. by vol.

7. The brandy is then bottled, labelled and ready to enjoy.