Oude Meester Demant

Oude Meester Demant

 Oude Meester Demant brandy

The Makers Say

Nose: chocolate, nutmeg, apricot and pineapple
Taste: apricot, pineapple, tobacco and oak
Finish: Smooth and easy to drink

Master Yack

Hoyi hoyi bathathe!!!!(kasi terminology for when something brilliant unexpected happens from someone unexpected). This is what I felt from this brandy. Created in honour of their jubilee year this 8yr old potstill does thing to me inside that are inconcievable to the mind.

Nose: fresh fruits with hints of spiceness, with undertones of chocolate

Taste: Imagin the pull of a good fruit flavoured cigar which is what you get here with light hints wood

Finish: Smooth and easy to swallow.

One to be enjoyed with two blocks of ice for the ultimate experince