Van ryns 20yr old collectors reserve

Van ryns 20yr old collectors reserve

 Van Ryns Collectors Reserve 20yr

Makers Say

Nose: Fruit, spice, ripe pear, honey, raisin, prune, port
Palate: fruit cake, orange marmalade, ripe tropical fruit
Finish: rich, decadent, satin

Master Yack

TJOVITJO!!!!!!(the whistles you hear in the township when something spectacular takes place), the O.G(Original Gangster) of the range the oldest, and TJOVITJOO!!!! shapa ka vluit boss when this brandy passes through your mouth its like the passing of a beautiful something you just cant help but ogle its beauty.

Nose: raisins, honey, port, and summer fruits all in harmony

Taste: Dried fruits and cashew nuts with a lingering woody flavour

Finish: you know that feeling when you take whipped cream straight from the can thats how smooth we finish here